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Made in India, army cuts ammo imports



The Make in India policy has played a pivotal role in promoting indigenisation in the defence sector, particularly in ammunition production, leading to a significant reduction in the Indian Army’s reliance on imports to fulfill its requirements.

Senior defence officials have emphasized that the emergence of the private sector industry in ammunition manufacturing has been instrumental in achieving this milestone. The Indian Army has expressed its ambition to gradually cease the import of ammunition, except for a few specific types that may not be feasible to produce domestically.

With a budget of approximately Rs 20,000 crore allocated for ammunition acquisition, the Indian Army has substantially decreased its reliance on foreign imports. Previously, around 35-40 per cent of the budget was allocated for procuring ammunition from abroad. However, this figure has now plummeted to less than 10 per cent, with plans for further reduction in the coming years.

Ammunition indigenisation efforts have been focused on various weapon systems, including tanks, artillery guns, air defence missiles, and multiple grenade launcher systems. This initiative has not only reduced import dependency but has also paved the way for expanding India’s ammunition export capabilities.

Both indigenous public sector firms and a significant portion of the private sector industry are contributing to meeting the global demand for ammunition. The Indian Army is actively supporting and collaborating with industry partners to develop indigenous ammunition solutions and enhance product quality.

Key players in this endeavour include the public sector Munitions India Limited (formerly part of the Ordnance Factory Board) and private sector companies such as Solar Industries Limited, Adani Defence, Hughes Precision, and SMPP Limited. The emergence of new firms in the sector is expected to further bolster domestic ammunition production capabilities.

Munitions India Limited has secured substantial export orders for artillery shells, contributing to the growth of supporting industries. Additionally, both public and private sector firms are working on developing precision-guided artillery ammunition, which will significantly enhance the Indian Army’s artillery capabilities.

The enhanced production capacities within the country are poised to meet all ammunition requirements during emergencies, reinforcing India’s self-reliance in defence production. The collaborative efforts between the Indian Army and the defence industry signify a strategic shift towards bolstering indigenous defence manufacturing capabilities.

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