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Ahmedabad Airport enhances capacity with new stands and upgrades



The new stands provide opportunities for airlines to add more connections to Ahmedabad.

Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has undergone notable enhancements recently. The latest upgrade includes five new parking stands at Terminal 2, boosting flight operations and aircraft parking capacity. This expansion addresses the increasing air travel demand in Ahmedabad. The airport now offers 18 parking stands, up from 13, to accommodate commonly used aircraft by domestic and some international airlines.

The new stands provide opportunities for airlines to add more connections to Ahmedabad. Additionally, Terminal 2 is undergoing rapid expansion with four new aerobridges, bringing the total to eight. The airport has also implemented the Multiple Aircraft Ramp System (MARS) on four existing aerobridges, optimizing stand usage.

With these advancements, Terminal 2 can now handle 18 Boeing 737/Airbus A320 aircraft, commonly used by domestic and some international carriers, and five wide-body aircraft like Boeing 777/787 or Airbus A359, and Cargo colossal AN 124, B744, Beluga aircraft mainly operated by international airlines. Terminal 2 is also geared up for handling Saudi Airlines B747-400 aircraft, a 450-seater, towards Hajj operations.

The increased capacity not only enhances passenger traffic but also improves operational efficiency for accommodating larger aircraft in the future. This opens doors for international carriers to consider Ahmedabad for frequent technical halts alongside regular passenger flights. Furthermore, Ahmedabad has welcomed a new twice-weekly direct cargo flight operated by Ethiopian Airlines, connecting the city to Addis Ababa.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport remains committed to ongoing development and upgrades, aiming to become a leading aviation hub for western India.

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Air India Express rebuilding flights, stabilizing network



An official stated on Sunday that Air India Express is gradually resuming its flights and stabilizing its network, while the cabin crew union underscored that all members who were previously absent due to illness have returned to work. The airline, owned by the Tata Group and operating approximately 380 daily services, canceled over 20 flights on Sunday, according to the informed official. They further noted that complete restoration of operations is anticipated by Tuesday morning.

There was no official comment from Air India Express. The strike by a section of the alleged mismanagement at the airline had forced cancellation of hundreds of flights since Tuesday night. On Thursday, the strike was called off and the carrier also withdrew termination letters issued to 25 cabin crew following a conciliation meeting convened by the chief labour commissioner in the national capital. The meeting was attended by representatives of the airline and the Air India Express Employees Union (AIXEU).

In a release on Sunday, the union said all the cabin crew who had reported sick have joined back and “as such there is no delay on the part of the cabin crew”. “All the cabin crew members who reported sick have joined their duty by May 11, 2024,” it said. However, due to a glitch in the company’s scheduling software as it was recently introduced, it is still showing that staff are reported sick.

The official said flights are being slowly restored and stabilization of the network is expected by Tuesday morning.

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More AI Express Flights Taking Off as Crew Return



Air India Express, under the Tata Group, is steadily resuming full operations post-strike, aiming for regularity in two days despite initial disruptions.

In a welcome development for Air India Express, operations showed signs of improvement on Friday following the cessation of a cabin crew strike that had caused significant flight disruptions. The strike, initiated by a faction of cabin crew members on Tuesday night, led to the cancellation of over 170 flights. However, relief came as the strike was officially called off on Thursday evening, accompanied by the withdrawal of termination letters issued to 25 striking cabin crew members.

With the strike concluded, Air India Express, a part of the Tata Group, is gradually restoring normalcy to its operations. The airline, which typically conducts approximately 380 flights daily, had to curtail its services due to the strike. Nevertheless, an official stated that they anticipate a return to regular operations within the next two days.

A key aspect of the recovery process involves facilitating the return of striking cabin crew members to their duties. The airline is extending support to these individuals in obtaining the necessary fitness certificates required for resuming work, according to the official.

Moreover, the airline anticipates an improvement in its international flight operations, particularly in the evenings, as more cabin crew members become available. Typically, Air India Express operates an average of 120 international flights and 260 domestic services each day, although there may be variations in flight frequency on certain days.

The impact of the strike on Air India Express’s operations was substantial, leading to the cancellation of 85 flights on Thursday alone, constituting approximately 23% of its total daily capacity. Following the resolution of the strike, the airline pledged to swiftly restore its flight schedule and expressed regret to passengers affected by the disruptions.

The strike had been triggered by grievances related to alleged mismanagement within the airline and concerns regarding equitable treatment of staff.

Air India Express, currently undergoing the merger process with AIX Connect (formerly AirAsia India), boasts a workforce of around 6,000 employees, including over 2,000 cabin crew members.

The conclusion of the strike and the subsequent return of cabin crew members to their duties represent positive developments for Air India Express and its passengers. As operations gradually normalize, the airline aims to mitigate the impact of the recent disruptions and reaffirm its commitment to providing efficient and reliable air travel services.

With a focus on resolving internal issues and enhancing workforce satisfaction, Air India Express seeks to maintain its position as a leading player in the aviation industry while navigating through challenges and ensuring passenger satisfaction remains paramount.

As Air India Express moves forward from the strike-related setbacks, it underscores the importance of effective communication and conflict resolution within the organization. The airline’s efforts to address employee concerns and restore normalcy to its operations reflect a commitment to passenger satisfaction and operational excellence.

With the support of its dedicated workforce and management, Air India Express remains poised to overcome challenges, adapt to evolving circumstances, and continue serving as a vital link in the global aviation network.

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